The story behind
the spices of life

Johnny Dutch makes healthy and vegan food inspired by the most tasteful cuisines in the world.

As Johnny Dutch sees it.

Inspiration from ancient culinary traditions combined with a passion for healthy and tasty food. Imagine yourself in one of those wonderful countries with a special food culture. Enjoy the ride, get inspired and be open to new experiences.

Nice to meet you

My name is Johnny and I love exploring the world. I love cycling and in that sense typically Dutch. Preferably through nature and regularly traveling to an unknown destination. On the saddle I discover the beautiful side of inertia. This way I come to unexpected places, I meet the local population and I get the chance to enjoy and learn from local cuisines.

My mission? Inspiring people.

Everyone loves good food, right? My mission: to let everyone enjoy vegan world cuisine. That’s why I want to inspire people to discover the power of plant-based food. Experience for yourself how to enjoy the taste of authentic cuisines around the world. Tips are always welcome!