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Johnny Dutch Goes Thai

  • 18 vegan balls for 4 persons – fry 3-5 minutes with herb paste
  • 108 ml fresh herb paste (basic sauce for your veggies)

How it works? Easy as that! Just 3 steps!

  1. Prepare your choice of rice, potatoes, pasta, quinoa or else.
  2. Prepare your veggies of choice and add last minute with a splash of water & our fresh herb paste to your taste.
  3. Heat up butter or oil in a saucepan, add a spoon of the Johnny Dutch herb paste and fry our protein-packed veggie balls for 3-5 minutes at medium heat. Put them aside.

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Content and weight

Balls: 320 g
Fresh herb paste: 80 g



Thai ballsThai herb paste
INGREDIENTS: Oat base (water, organic oats 9%), Edamame beans (17%) , garden peas (10%), rice (10%), fried onion (10%), bell pepper red, bell pepper green, Thai spice mix, coriander, lemon grass, coconut flakes, sunflower oil, garlic, red chili, vegetable fiber, vinegar, salt. INGREDIENTS: garlic, red chili, lemon juice, sunflower oil, lime leaf, lemongrass, ginger, rice flour, dried vegetables (mushroom, onion, garlic), Thai spice mix, coconut flakes, sugar, salt, yeast extract, lemon powder, vinegar. Contains coriander

Allergy information

Free from gluten, free from soy, free from dairy, free from nuts. Contains coriander.


Nutritional values

UK – THAIBallsSpice paste Spice paste
per 100 gper 100 g1 person - 15 g
Energy 1197 kJ / 287 kcal886 kJ/ 207 kcal133 kJ/ 31 kcal
Fat14.2 g18.0 g2.7 g
Saturated fatty acids3.2 g4.3 g0.65 g
Carbohydrates25 g9.0 g1.4 g
of which sugar4.6 g5.8 g0.9 g
Fibre8.9 g1.6 g0.2 g
Protein9.9 g2.2 g0.3 g
Salt0.63 g
0.9 g
0.14 g